Veracity's Commitment to the Environment


Veracity is accredited to ISO14001:2004 (Certificate Number EN1281) and is a market leader in supplying environmentally friendly products, primarily to the network video surveillance markets; the extent to which we design this into our portfolio is measured as one of our Top Level Company KPIs. Our flagship products listed below are all, in their own way, reducing the amount of energy consumed by their equivalents in the marketplace.



Power consumption saving at 60W, power consumption is 10x less than RAID Market equivalent (verified by Alastair McLeod, Group C.E.O.)



Power consumption saving at 16W, uses less power than a light bulb, but offers 16TB of storage capacity (verified by Alastair McLeod, Group C.E.O.)



Designed to make disks more reliable and increase disk life COLDSTORE increases life of a hard disk by a factor of 4x (measured against RAID or JBOD), thereby reducing the number of hard disks required during a project lifetime by a factor of 4x (verified by Alastair McLeod, Group C.E.O.)



Power consumption saving TIMENET is between 2x and 15x times more power efficient than all market equivalents (verified by Alastair McLeod, Group C.E.O.)



Designed to enable use of legacy coax cabling within existing networks Efficiently eliminates the need for new cable purchase, and all required supplementaries (cable, plastics, copper); eliminates the need for building refurbishment with materials consumed; and eliminates the need for old cable to be scrapped, which is normally difficult to recycle (verified by Alastair McLeod, Group C.E.O.)

Veracity's Commitment to the Environment


Veracity takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously, complying fully with all ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and WEEE (Waste of Electronic & Electrical Equipment) legislation. We are a member of the Producer Compliance Scheme (Registration Number WEE/FB122SWV).

Conflict Minerals: The production of electronic systems is a core part of our business and the use of certain metals may be required within our products. Whilst Veracity stipulates that all of our vendors comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct, we also recognise that there can be significant complexity involved in assuring the provenance of metals at every stage through the supply chain. Where there is a possibility that components which we purchase indirectly (ie as part of our electronic assemblies) might contain some level of virgin metals, we have taken steps to exercise due diligence in ensuring that these metals do not originate from “conflict mines”.

For details of Veracity's commitment to the environment and compliance with legislation, or to request specific details of our Environmental Policy, please