IP Camera Installation Tools


Network camera installation is made easy - and fast - thanks to Veracity's range of proven accessories for IP video installers.

PINPOINT is a remarkably simple solution to a problem that is fundamental to POE network camera installation.  Compact, tough and inexpensive, it is an essential part of any IP installer's toolkit.

PINPOINT - IP Camera Setup and Focus Adapter

PINPOINT IP Camera Set-up Adapter

How do you access an IP camera to adjust its focus when it needs its network connection for power?

Simply use PINPOINT. Draw power from installed POE but connect directly to a laptop for local configuration.... read more

POINTSOURCE Plus - Battery Powered POE Injector

Portable Battery Powered POE Injector

POINTSOURCE Plus™ is a rechargeable, portable, battery powered POE injector for IP cameras specifically designed to make installation, site surveys, demonstration and test work simple and fast.... read more

POINTSOURCE Wireless - Battery Powered POE Injector with Wireless Link

POINTSOURCE Wireless | Veracity

Set up your IP camera when you install it, even if no network or power is available.

POINTSOURCE Wireless is a compact, portable, POE supply for installation, site survey, test or demonstration of POE network equipment. It has a removable battery module.... read more